Electric Fireplaces - Dimplex Amish Fireplaces

Nothing says warmth and romance like a fireplace. It instantly becomes the center point of any room. Problem is, wood burning fireplaces can be both dirty and dangerous, particularly if you have young children or pets. You can, of course, wait 20 years until your kids are (hopefully) out of the house, or you can consider an electric fireplace. More and more people are choosing electric fireplaces for their homes to get that warm, cozy feeling without the hassle, mess and expense of a wood burning fireplace.

An electric fire place will also give you great ambience and warmth, without the need for tearing a hole in your wall, your ceiling and your roof. Pretty neat trick. You can have an electric fireplace just about anywhere you have a few square feet of open space and electric outlet. They are easy to install and take with you when you move.


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An electric fireplace is much less expensive to purchase than a conventional wood fireplace. And there is no third-party installation required, perhaps just assembly, depending on the model you choose. Many models come ready to plug in.

Electric fireplaces come in a style to match your home decor. From traditional to modern, you'll find a fireplace you love at a price you can afford. Since many people choose an electric fireplace for the warmth as well as the ambience, most models come with a thermostat to regulate the heat

The first thing you need to do when choosing an electric fireplace is to pick a design. Do you have an existing fireplace/firebox that you want to put the electric fireplace in? In that case, you'll want an electric fireplace insert that installs into your existing space. If you are going to be installing a standalone electric fireplace, read on.

You have many styles and types to choose from, including some that resemble wood stoves complete with realistic flames, units that are ultramodern and metal and made to be the centerpiece of the room, and models with a entire mantle structure that looks just like a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Check and see how much room you have available. You can get your electric fireplace in sizes ranging from ultra compact to large wall units that look just like a traditional fireplace. The smaller units are great for small spaces, giving you the warmth and romance of a fireplace without totally overwhelming the room.

You need to choose a fireplace with the proper wattage. Wattage determines the amount of heat the unit will generate. Just like space heaters, electric fireplaces usually range anywhere from 700 W to over 1500 W. The wattage you pick should be determined by the size of the room and the climate where you live. If you're looking for serious heating capacity, and you have a large space, consider fireplaces over 1500 W.




There are so many great brands like a Dimplex electric fireplace, Charmglow electric fireplace, Duraflame electric fireplace, Sylvania, Vermont Castings, Brittany, Electralog and Prolectrix. These brands usually get the best reviews and can be wall mounted, Amish style, white, modern, classic flame style, contemporary, chimney free, small, black, cheap, portable, stone, built in, come from style selections, oak, free standing, indoor, and these are some of the most realistic.

When picking the wattage, make sure that your homes electrical system can handle the power requirements, particularly if you live in an older house.

A portable fireplace might be the perfect solution if you're renting. There are models that are small and compact and easily portable to different rooms in your home.